The Zen in Dog Walking 

Late last week I decided on incorporating a new service, dog walking! I’ve been walking my neighbor’s dogs (Tramp, Boo and Dingo) since October. It’s been a great experience for me, but seeing how excited the three amigos get when I come to the door, as I like to call them, that is the butter to my bread. My neighbor, I’ll call him Fred is a disabled veteran and he has a challenging time since his pups are gang busters at the first step on their walk. Tramp and Dingo are large Labrador mixes and Boo is a Shepherd. They are just beyond excited for their time out in the neighborhood and would pull Fred and potentially injure him. Fred asked me to help him out and I obliged. 

The three amigos have so much energy and show so much excitement for their 30 minute walk. Even Fred sees and understands the enthusiasm they have for it. Fred even shared with me “this is their favorite time of day”. That particular statement is what made me open my eyes and consider there are probably other families who want the same for their dogs, but maybe don’t have the time for it or like Fred’s situation, they are physically unable to do that for them. Maybe you’re one of them! 

The internal motivator for me is the sense of peace I feel when walking dogs. I don’t know where I read this before, “the zen of dog walking”. Yes, dog walking is truly a meditative activity for me. I find the connection in building the relationship with each dog I walk from just putting one front of the other with my four legged companion both rejuvenating and relaxing. I’m grateful for this opportunity. I get as much out of dog walking as my clients’ dogs do 😉

So, if you’re reading this and you find yourself in Southwest Oklahoma, Four Paws & You is ready to leash up and step out!

I’m about to head out and meet up with the three amigos shortly… 


We’re Done!


2 thoughts on “The Zen in Dog Walking 

  1. I love taking my dogs for walks! Sometimes I may not be excited about the task itself, but once we are outside, being in the fresh air always boosts my mood. Plus, the dogs’ happiness is contagious!

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