Therapy Dog Training pt 6

Ok, so I’m a week late with my update and tonight is our second to last class. We’re testing for our CGC, AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate. I’m feeling good, about it, but I wanted to share a little from last week.


Bernie post AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Last Monday, the Boy Scouts came and the kids were so gracious in helping our class out. One boy was asked to jump around, in front of the dogs and dart around them. Bernie was great, he immediately wanted to go into a play bow and run around with him, but he was required to keep his composure and he did, fabulously! There was one boy who had his arms crossed and looked like he was forced to be there. He had no interest and said he’s afraid of big dogs. When it was our turn, that same little boy softened and asked me if he could give Bernie a treat. He did and Bernie licked his hand. After that, the boy was open in meeting the rest of the dogs in the class. I’ve always heard when he’s at day care or being boarded how Bernie really draws out the shy and bit withdrawn dogs. I guess that’s true of kids too 🙂

Afterwards, we were asked to simulate a reading group. We were paired up with a boy and we were asked to pretend the boy was reading to us. Bernie settled down quickly and immediately rolled over onto his back looking for belly rubs. Bernie’s presence really opened up conversation between the boy and I. It was relaxed and the boy seemed more open in sharing his thoughts and 


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