Pet Adoptions, Take it Seriously

Adoption ExPETations!

Since I started volunteering with another pet rescue, this blog post was even more relevant. So many people and families excited about adopting a pet, particularly a puppy have not gone through the work of understanding the needs of the dog. Senior dogs are great companions for people who are less active, but are looking for a new best friend!

When pet rescues and shelters adopt out, they FULLY intend on the adoption being a furever home. Please do your part and do your homework before signing the adoption paperwork and handing over your check. A pit/lab mix puppy is more likely to be a high energy dog which requires daily exercise and a structured routine. A 10 year old of the same mix breed, may just be looking for a couch to call home!

For added resource, please check out:

Dr. McConnell is a stalwart in the animal behavior arena!

Four Paws Dog Training

Last week,  I met a beautiful mother of two who also has two dogs, a Chihuahua and a  6mo German Shepherd puppy (I’ve changed some of the details in order to keep the family anonymous).  She’s a new client and she’s dedicated in learning about the appropriate care of her two dogs. She has good instincts and her daughter is also involved in creating structure for the dogs, but she wasn’t sure how. She also faces extreme opposition from her husband in caring for her dogs.  I’m not going into details about the conflict surrounding the dog now.  Its a pretty delicate situation, but I will share some thinking I had about adopting a new dog or adopting a dog for the first time.

1. Before actively signing the adoption papers:  Make sure all of the people in the household with whom you share a roof with are on board with having a dog join…

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