Look to Adopt! Howl A Day Inn to the Rescue!

I wanted to share with my readers about the Howl A Day Inn Pet Adoptions Page.  I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve come to know Melina from HADI (short for Howl A Day Inn) in El Paso.  She’s an amazing woman who consistently demonstrates her compassion and commitment to the dogs in her care, not only for the boarding dogs, but for the rescues she treats as her own.

Melina is a one woman show.  She receives no outside funding for the rescue work she’s done.  Her only wish is for the dogs is a furever home.

If you do anything, please read her about page and consider sharing the post to others.  I’ve personally seen the transformation described in the About section.  Their well mannered and socialized demeanor is a testament in how negative experiences can be transformed through love, consistency, commitment and dedication.

If you decide in adoption yourself, let me know and I’ll provide you will ongoing training assistance for no charge, for the life of the dog!  The only caveat is if you don’t live near me, we can do it over the phone or email, unless we find ourselves in the same area of the country at some point 🙂


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