Pet Nutrition and Diet Graduate!!

WooHoo!  I successfully completed the continuing education class, Pet Nutrition and Diet.  Man, this was a information dense class and one I’m glad I enrolled in through ABC.  The program delved into what is required for our pet’s diets (eh hem, it would be applicable for our diets too) down to how food is digested and broken down and used for energy, repair, growth and protection.  I’ve learned a great deal about how out of sync the Western Diet is and in fact, how detrimental it is not only for our pets, but for us too.

In no way do I claim to be an expert nor do I feel at this point I could provide an outline of a diet for a specific purpose such as if a client came to me requesting a nutritional plan for their dog with cancer, diabetes, ect…  What I can do for those specific special cases is give adequate and trusted referrals to those who are able to help them.  What I can also do is share with my clients the basic principles of diet and nutrition for longevity and vitality with my hope being, if clients begin making the change before a degenerative illness takes its course, then the chances of those diseases decrease and long term health benefits are met.

I look forward to hearing from readers about their experiences with their pet’s diets and feedback on the issue is always welcome!!

Pet Nutrition and Diet Certificate


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