I started Four Paws and You Dog Training a few months ago as a platform for sharing my evolution in the dog training world and in gaining perspectives from others on the subject.  In addition to dog training, I’m also exploring and sharing the importance of pet nutrition as a complementary area of focus.

I became a certified dog trainer in response to a couple of dynamics occurring simultaneously in my life.  The first and foremost reason was finding out solutions to Jack’s (my Jack Russell Terrier) reactive and behavior issues.  At the point of discovering Animal Behavior College’s dog training program, I was completely lost in rehabilitating him.  Now, I’ve discovered the approach and have access to the tools in correctly modifying his frustration and reactivity.

The second reason was my struggle in finding employment once we moved from Germany to Texas for my husband’s work in the military.  I was driven in finding an outlet in my desire in merging my passion for understanding dog obedience and behavior and for employment.

Since my graduation from ABC’s Dog Obedience Program, I’ve been working as a contractor for Heeling Hounds.  Take a moment, and check it out!


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