Low Fat vs Low Carb Diets

I came across this article describing the difference between a Low Carb vs Low Fat Diet,  Even though the study related to people, I can’t help but extend it towards our pets.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re all pretty much related because we are in fact mammals.  Our dietary needs are pretty consistent with our cats and dogs with some exceptions.  What our diets consist of is a whole other matter.  Have you ever walked down the aisles in a grocery store and saw all this prepackaged food and thought about the chemicals used to produce them?  Especially, the foods which say low fat or healthy or fiber rich?

Some interesting diet facts for both humans and our pets when reading the article:

  • Our bodies can produce carbohydrates
  • fat is a more dense energy source than carbohydrates
  • we need fat to help protect cells and for other bodily functions

Its pretty amazing knowing much of what the food companies try and sell in stores doesn’t meet our dietary requirements and actually contributes to diseases such as diabetes and even cancers.  If this can happen with us, what about our dogs?


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