What Am I?

I wanted to share a little update, on Bernie. I finally got around to do his DNA test. The only trouble I had was figuring out the box it came in :-/. I used the Wisdom Panel 2.0 brand and it the whole process took minutes. Bernie usually gets frustrated when I attempt in brushing his teeth, but he seemed to tolerate this procedure WAY better.
After the swabbing and rewrapping the samples, all you have left is registering the box to the website. Once you completed this, repackage the used swabs and give to your USPS guy. I sent the package out on Tuesday and I already received notification they received it. Now, its a waiting game. The wait time until you finally receive your results is 2-3 weeks. The cool part is you can track the progress of them testing it. I’m really excited about finding out Bernie’s heritage. Stay tuned….

Four Paws Dog Training

We adopted Bernie in October 2012. My husband was immediately drawn to Bernie when he saw Bernie be brought into an adoption event in El Paso. Bernie was quiet when all the other dogs barked and became excited when people visited. Bernie remained to himself and just watched as life went on outside his kennel.

From the very beginning, Bernie baffled us. What we thought Bernie to be demur, meek and static behind the eyes because he was slow to respond. Bernie didn’t seem to care to our advancement in play or exercise. Bernie was and continues to be cautious, analytic and independent and these personality characteristics were drastically different from Jack. This was the fundamental mistake Eddie and I made with Bernie. We mistakenly expected two dogs to show the same characteristics and we wondered why Bernie didn’t act the same.

We began exploring the idea of Bernie’s breed…

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