Fill Me Up

I enjoy the learning process and I want to soak up as much knowledge as I can get.  I also enjoy making connections between subject matters which may not seem outwardly related, but in the end most things like life, come full circle.  I began taking a pet nutrition class with Animal Behavior College.  The class so far does a good job laying down the foundation for basic nutrition principles.  The class starts off by describing the circle of life.  The study of nutrition has evolved and the information gained from studying other mammals has been extrapolated and is applied to dogs, cats and us, humans.  I’m in the early stages of the class and I have a ton of material to cover and absorb, but one nugget of knowledge had my brain working and also helped me staying grounded, is the idea of interconnection between humans and our furry friends.  The essence of our interconnectedness is being animals, specifically mammals and how our dietary requirements are really quite similar.

First, as you may have learned in biology or chemistry class, all matter is made up of atoms which chemically bond and form molecules.  As humans, we are made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.  What do you know, our pets are also made up of the same. We and our dogs consume food comprised of these same molecules for everyday bodily functions which consist of breathing, drinking, eating which ultimately lead to overall survival.

One hugely important dietary requirement is the access and intake of water.  Water is necessary for survival.  A water molecule consists of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, the same atoms which make up not only our bodies, but our pets’ bodies too.  When water molecules come together, they form our drinking water, rain and the oceans.  All living beings need water in varying quantities to live. Here’s one way our lives intersect with our pets; all mammals are made up of 70% water.  Water is the conduit for biochemical reactions to happen within our bodies for our overall functioning.  Our bodies continuously go through detoxification/purification processes for clearing out waste products and cell rejuvenation.  The body has the ability to repair itself and having good quality and plentiful water for us and our pets allows for our bodies continue on in homeostasis.  When we lose roughly 10% of the water in our bodies, we cease living.  The same goes for our dogs or cats.

As you can see, our dogs and cats are in likeness to us from being social beings to our similar dietary needs.  My compassion for Jack and Bernie has grown.  I see Jack and Bernie with new eyes.  I’ve always known I am responsible for their access to food and water and I’ve wanted to ensure they have what they need for good health and well being.  Now, I’m learning its not just about supplying them with food and water.  As a responsible pet guardian, I understand and know about the impact of good quality food and water that is provided to my Bears.  It’s my responsibility to ensure they have access to this since they are unable to make those decisions for themselves.