Some fun KONG Stuffing Ideas

Some fun KONG Stuffing Ideas

So, I don’t know about you, but its HOT here in El Paso.  I don’t think we are going to get out of the 100+ mark for the next 10 days. Since its so hot and my bears have a hard time hanging out in this weather, I’ve found a great way to keep my dogs engaged without the fear of them developing heatstroke.

My plan of attack for the summer is early, early morning runs of 5 or more miles and ending when the sun just started coming up over the horizon.  The air is still pretty warm, but the glaring sun isn’t a factor at 5 or so in the morning and Jack and Bernie can manage. They continue to with the same daily exercise, I don’t mind them having KONG treats when I may step out for a few hours.  Not only are these ideas pretty healthy for dogs, its pretty fun to think of new ways of challenging them.  The best part of it being summer, they can enjoy their KONGs frozen.  Freezing KONGs allow your pups to have a cool treat and it keeps them engaged with it longer.  The added time for licking and figuring out how to get the treats out wears them out mentally.  

Mental activity, such as dog training and treat dispensing toys makes your dog work for his reward.  Him working, will inevitably tire him out, and his energy level will decrease.  This type of activity along with daily exercise early enough in the day or later in the evening, will make your dog a happy dog!


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