Dog Days of Summer

I don’t know about you, but its been hot as anything the last couple of weeks. My husband and I’ve been suffering in our sweat boxes of an office and home. My pups have been not themselves either. Heat is such a buzz kill for this Northeasterner even though I grew up without air conditioning. Maybe its me getting older and more intolerant of high temperatures or the world is getting warmer, whatever the case, I’m looking forward to autumn.

Friday marked the first day where we had comfortable temperatures and Jack and Bernie could not have been more thrilled. My husband got home early for work and was able to spend time with the Bears. When I returned home, Jack and Bernie were playing like they used to before the summer. They were wrestling, grabbing each other, play bowing and sneezing (you know its fun when both are sneezing a ton!). We caught them in the midst of their game of chase and Eddie said “they’ve been playing like that on and off all afternoon like that.” That makes my heart soar!

In celebration of cooler temps and my spirited Bears, I did a little DIY treat dispenser. Both were interested, but per usual, Jack was the most determined (I think Bernie likes the easy way out).